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The Ultimate Water Balloon Game

WaterWars at IAAPA Attractions Expo

Great summertime fun: Water Wars, Downpour Derby, Pitchburst, and Boom Blaster


Play the ultimate water balloon game! Water Wars is a game or competition–here is how you play:  Opponents go to opposing battle stations with buckets of water balloons.  Each battle station has a water balloon launcher.  Place a balloon in the launcher, pull down on the handle, aim, and fire!  Your balloon soars high through the air and comes crashing down on your opponent’s battle station.  There are strategically placed slots and holes in the structure that allows the water to come through.  You might get sprinkled, sprayed, or saturated, but watch out, retaliation comes quickly….!

Why Own Water Wars?

  • There are no size, age, or physical restrictions
  • Almost as much fun to watch as it is to play!
  • Available in stationary and portable models
  • Even grandparents love to play with their grandchildren
  • One of the fastest growing attractions on the market. 


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