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Depth Charge

Depth Charge Includes:

  • 2 Targets (mounted on the Water Wars enclosures)
  • 2 Water Reservoirs (placed in front of the enclosures)
  • 2 Sound Effects Sets (connected through solid state circuitry)
  • 2 Auto Refill Devices
  • 1 Main Control Box
  • Manual Set-off Switches


Technical/Revenue Data:

Each kit comes complete as a set and is easily installed in just a few hours. Everything is pre-wired, so there is no need for a technician. Depth Charge requires an air compressor, air and water lines to complete the installation.

You must have or install a GFI (ground fault interrupter) type 110 volt outlet on a wall, fence, or somewhere centrally located between the battle stations.

Financing Options

Taking advantage of Water Wars popularity is now easier than ever.  We have a variety of creative plans:

A.  Discounted up-front cash purchase
B.  Little or nothing down with low monthly payments

BEST STORY – A blind Junior High aged boy came in the ticket/candy store and told Tiffany that he wanted $20 in Water War tickets.  She said, I know that you can’t see, but do you know that you are surrounded by candy and ice cream in this shop.  Do you want to save some of your money to buy candy or ice cream later.  He replied, “Lady, I have had candy and ice cream, but I want to experience Water Wars”.  So she sold him $20 in tickets.  When he was about to play Water Wars, I was able to put him inside the battle station and explain what the area was like and how to hit his opponent’s target as he was grinning ear to ear listening to every word I said.  Well, when we said you can begin your war.  Water balloons went flying everywhere and all of a sudden he hit his opponent’s target and the siren went off and a giant box of water exploded on the enemy.  I have never seen a kid laugh so hard!

“It makes one think of how grateful one is for having two good eyes!  Thank you God for allowing my family the honor of having such a fun place to bless others!”


Marlon Quibodeaux - Lumberton, TX

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