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We always have a selection of new, demo, or refurbished units on hand for sale.  Browse the list below and if something catches your eye, please contact us and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.  Looking for something you don’t see below?  Call or fill out the contact form on the website!
Stationary Downpour Derby

Condition: New

Availability: 2 In stock!

Description: This 4-player, dueling water race is ready to start soaking you and your friends/family!  Ideal around the pool or on a splash pad.

Dyno with Depth Charge

Condition: New

Availability: 1 in stock

Description:  Dyno with Depth Charge includes:

  • Two Single Battle Stations with Launchers
  • Balloon Fill Station equipped with 4 balloon speed tying devices, 3 1/4 turn faucets
  • Overhead Net and Support System
  • “Rules of Conduct” Sign
  • 8 Balloon Buckets
  • Case of 14,400 Balloons
  • Safety Bumper Pads
  • 2 Targets (mounted on the Water Wars enclosures)
  • 2 Water Reservoirs (placed in front of the enclosures)
  • 2 Sound Effects Sets (connected through solid state circuitry)
  • 2 Auto Refill Devices
  • 1 Main Control Box
  • Manual Set-off Switches
Used Jr. Dyno

Condition: Used – Good

Availability: In Stock

Description: Used Jr. Dyno Includes:

  • Two Single battle stations with launchers
  • Overhead Net & Support
  • Balloon Fill Station
  • “Rules of Conduct” Sign
  • 8 Balloon Buckets
  • Case of 14,400 Ballons
  • Safety Bumper Pads

Condition: New

Availability: 5 In Stock!

Description: Pitchburst starter package includes a ready-to-play Pitchburst game, 3 balls, 144 balloons and a carry bag set.  This is a complete package of fun and a great dunk tank alternative.

Stationary Double Dyno

Condition: New

Availability: In stock

Description: 2 Double Dyno battle stations with Overhead Net and Support System, balloon fill station, launchers, buckets, safety bumpers, and case of 14,400 balloons.

Our flagship attraction, ideal for Amusement Parks, Water Parks, and Family Fun centers.  Add the optional Depth Charge water explosion system for the ultimate experience.


Portable Downpour Derby

Condition: New

Availability: In stock

Description: A 2 player game that is great for all ages!

All aluminum construction, comes with 2 tipping buckets, stainless steel pumps, and a 15gal reservoir with auto refill system.  With a fast set-up time (1 person, 10min) it’s design is ideal for mobile operators, rentals, and resorts. 

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