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Equipment Finance Programs

Small down payment:  

Commercial financing typically requires one or two monthly payments in advance and we can include freight & delivery charges.

Terms that make sense:
We offer payments that fit your budget such as 90-day deferred, seasonal payments and step payment programs so you can buy the equipment now.

Fixed payments:
Monthly payments are fixed for the entire term.  You decide the term and structure of the contract in the beginning.  Fixed payments make it easier to budget and manage equipment dollars for the months or years ahead.

Fully tax deductible:
Businesses can usually deduct their monthly payments as an operating expense, under Rental Equipment.

Separates business & personal financing:
Commercial funding sources don’t report to the three personal credit reporting agencies so your personal credit won’t be leveraged by your company’s financial needs.

Protection for future borrowing:
Equipment finance agreements & leases are usually considered “off balance sheet” financing and are frequently noted only in their footnotes. By not showing as a liability on financials, it won’t limit your company’s ability to seek traditional financing from banks. This leaves your lines of credit, operating capital, and personal savings intact.

Hedge against inflation:
New and up-to-date equipment is obtained today and paid for by profits and/or savings that the equipment generates.

Easy approval process:
Online application (No financial statements or tax returns required) for up to $100K for 2+ year old businesses with strong credit. We also have programs for start-up & credit challenged businesses. Type “Brett Hawton” on the first line under “Finance Officer’s Name” when using the link below and you will be contacted within 24 hours or call our finance partner with questions:

Apply Online!

Taking advantage of Water Wars popularity is now easier than ever.  We have a variety of creative plans ranging from discounted up-front cash purchases to little or nothing down finance plans with low monthly payments.