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Portable Depth Charge

Portable Depth Charge Includes:

  • 2 Targets (mounted on the Water Wars enclosures)
  • 2 Water Reservoirs (placed in front of the enclosures)
  • 2 Sound Effect Sets (connected through solid state circuitry)
  • 2 Auto Refill Devices
  • 1 Main Control Box
  • Manual Set-off Switches


Technical Data:

Each kit comes complete as a set and is easily installed in just a few hours. Everything is pre-wired, so there is no need for a technician. Depth Charge requires an air compressor, air and water lines to complete the installation

You must have a GFI (ground fault interrupter) type 110 volt outlet to plug into.

Financing Options

Taking advantage of Water Wars popularity is now easier than ever.  We have a variety of creative plans:

A.  Discounted up-front cash purchase
B.  Little or nothing down with low monthly payments

” Moving the Water Wars up front by the gate and the Depth Charge really was a hit with our guests. The Depth Charge system really makes a difference too with many more people being drawn to it by the explosion sounds. Love those remote controls.”

Bob Yaquinto - Friendswood, TX

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